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Plenty of top models walked the runway for the Christian Dior Couture show in Paris this morning, but Jourdan Dunn wasn't among them. The model tweeted

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Station Master: Ryan Coogler's directorial debut is painful, poignant and brilliant
Film: On the morning of Jan. 1, 2009, Oscar Grant was shot in the back by a police officer. He was neither armed nor dangerous. He was lying flat against the concrete platform of an Oakland train station. He died hours later in a nearby hospital. He was 22 years old. Fruitvale Station, director Ryan Coogler's stunning debut, recreates Oscar Grant's last days with a sensitivity rarely seen in true-to-life drama. Coogler is unafraid — daring, even — to address the wounds that fester after issues of race, class, masculinity, law and order collide. It may surprise you to learn that he hasn't made an angry movie, though. His is a thoughtful tragedy, not a vicious screed. Fruitvale Station will outrage you, but it is not itself outrageous. Fruitvale Station … (more)

''To Do List'' Scores: Not a homerun, but Maggie Carey's directorial debut is no strikeout
Film: The To Do List isn't perfect. It moves in fits and starts, slipping in and out of rhythm in clumsy, amateurish ways. It's wildly enthusiastic, but it can't quite meet its own high expectations. Just as the story starts to firm up, a flaccid joke kills the mood. Basically, we're watching writer and director Maggie Carey lose her filmmaking virginity — and to be honest, it doesn't seem all that different from the real thing. Sure, it may not guarantee to get you off, but if it does, you'll be ecstatic. Okay, okay, sex puns aside: The To Do List stands out for its hilarious attitude about teenagers doing the dirty. Carey's done a remarkable thing by reversing the traditional power structure of the genre. This time, the girls lust more than they're lusted after. And yet, her ability to craft jokes that don't leer at sex is even more impressive. These characters don't hide their sexual urges. They explore them, recklessly humping their way toward a sex-positive future. Of course, that's not to say The To Do List isn't a raunchy mess, either. Carey has it both ways: She made an unusually empowering movie, but she didn't shy away from the bread-and-butter gross-out gags that most teen-sex comedies thrive on. If it's a fluid that comes out of a human body, the odds are she's cracked a joke about it somewhere in this script. To Do List … (more)

Orbiting Aristocrats: ''Elysium'' shoots for a message on inequality, but ends up as good-looking gore
Film: If I never see another human body explode, it'll be too soon — and it's all Neill Blomkamp's fault. The South African filmmaker made his bones four years ago with District 9, an unusual sci-fi allegory inspired by apartheid, but his sophomore follow-up, Elysium, abandons that precision and sense of purpose for a bold, confusing sort of grand ambition. This movie is a mess of social polemics, dull palace intrigue, and by-the-numbers manipulations that don't elicit emotional responses as often as they merely signal them. And again, there's the whole "people burst into wet, bloody chunks of flesh" thing. I mentioned that detail, right? Blomkamp's work aims to marry social justice with muscular violence, and at best he's managed an uneasy partnership between the two here. Elysium exists in a liberal feverscape of social, political and economic inequality — the year is 2154, and the wealthiest humans live disease-free on a ring world that orbits Earth — humming with the din of violence, without any caution or concern about what it means when the oppressed turn weapons against their oppressors. This is a revenge fantasy, pure and simple, shrouded by a thin story that only seems to make sense when you think about it as little as possible. Elysium: Foster and Damon … (more)

A Satisfying Splash: The adult actors are the lifesavers in this coming-of-age confection
Film: At first glance, The Way, Way Back seems to hit all the benchmarks of a pleasant indie comedy. It's got the sad-eyed teenage boy who's too meek to find himself, his disinterested love interest, the divorced single mom searching for romantic satisfaction, the asshole stepfather, and the wisecracking man-child. At second glance, The Way, Way Back is… precisely what it seemed to be the first time around. This isn't an entirely disappointing discovery. It is, however, a surprising one. The duo responsible for this movie, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, clearly has chops. They wrote the screenplay for The Descendants, a lovely piece of work that's every bit as eloquent, funny and profound as any other comedy in recent memory. The Way, Way Back may mimic the messy humor that makes The Descendants great, but its story is fundamentally thinner. It's simply not as impressive. The Way, Way Back … (more)

Monster Mashup: Entirely spectacle, ''Pacific Rim'' is as big and dumb as a movie about monster-fighting robots deserves to be
Film: There is only one reason why anybody would want to endure Pacific Rim. That reason happens midway through the movie, when a giant robot faces off against an acid-spitting monster in Hong Kong. The robot is dragging a cargo ship, as robots are apparently wont to do. It lifts the ship up, grips it like a baseball bat, swings, and smashes it against the monster's head. The monster staggers and falls. The audience hoots and hollers. For an instant, Pacific Rim has matched its cartoonish premise and its chaotic ambition, and all seems right in the realm of the fantastic. Too bad you'll have to slog through everything else just to get to that point. Pacific Rim … (more)

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Planet of the Apes: What is that big hunk of 'junk' DNA up to ?
Last week, in response to a media blitz promoting a $288 million DNA project called ENCODE, headlines announced that most of our DNA formerly known as "junk" was actually useful.

Planet of the Apes: Is low self-esteem linked to women who sleep around?
Awhile back, a reader wanted me to investigate whether there was an evolutionary explanation for women sleeping around. He didn't come at the question directly, but asked me to look at female low self-esteem and evolution. I pressed on how such low self-esteem was manifested, and that's when the sex question came out. He said he was worried about his daughters.

Planet of the Apes: Insects illustrate the value of errors - typos - in DNA
One of the more difficult aspects of evolution for some people to swallow is the notion that random copying errors in DNA can add up to anything useful.

Planet of the Apes: Viruses use kinship of humans and apes
While it may be that some Americans doubt we're related to chimps and other primates, viruses recognize the similarities in our cells.

Planet of the Apes: Shake, Rover!
Planet of the Apes: When a wet dog shakes himself dry, he does something amazing. He hits just the right rhythm to maximize the drying effect with minimal effort.

Planet of the Apes: Curiosity and life's definition
After a triumphant landing, the Curiosity rover is ready to search Mars for signs of past life or suitability for life. Several readers have raised concerns that NASA scientists might fail to recognize life if it isn't based on carbon or is otherwise radically different from our kind of life.

Planet of the Apes: The human race, all alone in our genus
Are we alone? It's a question that drives our forays into space, robotic adventures on Mars, and the searches that have revealed thousands of planets orbiting distant suns.

Planet of the Apes: Alarming evolution of nastier parasites in vaccine study
When Pennsylvania State University biologist Andrew Read injected mice with a component of several promising malaria vaccines, he got a disquieting result: The malaria parasites spread through the immunized mice and evolved to become more virulent.

Planet of the Apes: Of mama's-boy whales and menopause
Scientists have been hard-pressed to explain why menopause happens so early in humans - there's no obvious evolutionary advantage to having your reproductive system shut down decades before the rest of your body.

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